X2 Resorts (X2 being pronounced Cross To) is a privately owned chain of design hotels based out of Thailand in South East Asia. The first of these ultra-chic resorts opened its doors to guests back in December 2007, with the launch of the flagship X2 Kui Buri. This was soon followed up by another boutique beach resort opening a year later in the shape of X2 Samui. To date, both these resorts have become internationally recognized in collecting numerous awards such as the WTA (World Travel Awards) as Thailand’s leading boutique resort. Over the latest 5 years, the X2 chain has expanded to 10 properties.

Together with Asian based hotel and design professionals they are now engaged in the expansion of the brand by way of adding their ‘High Design’ residences collection at both the existing X2 Kui Buri and X2 Samui resorts as well as the new and exciting destinations of Koh Kood, Kamala, Phuket and Bali.


X2 recognized that those individuals, who appreciate style and design, were becoming less satisfied with the traditional tropical resort and residence designs that, while often well executed, proliferate the Asian region.

Not only are residential developments becoming more similar in appearance, they are often lacking in any real quality or substance and are nearly always badly serviced, increasingly undifferentiated and generally unrewarding from an emotional, spiritual and financial perspective.


X2 is determined not only to break out from the traditional design concept of tropical properties in the region but also to redefine luxury in completely new terms, allowing guests to ‘Cross To’ (X2) a new dimension of designed for the spirit.